We treat you through a unique combination of Distant Therapies  while you get diagnosed and healed without going through the unnecessary hassles of time taking  investigations, consumption of unwanted medication, surgical interventions, visits to Hospitals and Doctors. The process does not  involve any physical contact between the healer and the patient who might sit anywhere in the World ,getting effectively treated at the same time.

The modus- operandi involves a powerful and unique combination of Medical Astrology, use of Astro-based Homeo Remedies, and transfer of Energy through Reiki and Radionic Waves using Radiesthesia – a soothing, harmless methodology together with the activating of the KUNDALINI and the charging of the Chakrasand the Body Organs leading to instantaneous relief from not only Past Life related Chronic ailments but ailments of the weak organs due to any factor.

We have dedicated 17 years to  intensive research of Horoscopes from the health and medical viewpoint and also to developing a Software to diagnose the possible ailments of the patient-both present and hidden; identifying any Past Life related ailments ,the person might be suffering from. Many of such ailments are chronic (which cannot be cured by medicines) but can be cured by Energizing the inherent weak body organs through Radiesthesia even from a long distance. This is Telepathic healing wherein it is found possible to transfer energy to the ailing person’s related organs from any Distance via “Skype”or telephonically– i.e. untouched by Hands and curing a person while sitting anywhere in the World.

The study of another wonderful science –Homeopathy, since 1960 has further resulted in linking Homeo remedies with Astrology.

 We can call it the 6th Sense Technology – The Future of Health Care.