The entire program is the cumulative result, inspiration and the efforts of the following:


  1. Prof. Dr. K.N. Agarwal M.D., under whose guidance I got Doctorate in Alternative Medicines.
  2. Dr Ranjit S. Sumra MBBS BSc MD FRCP DM Consultant Clinical Neuro-physiologist – U.K.
  3. (Late) Col., Dr. Venkataramiah, M.D.
  4. Dr. Manoj Birla, MBBS, DTCD
  5. Ms. Namarata Maheshwari  MBA- Canada
  6. Ms. Sunita Maheshwari – MBA (USA) & Advance Reiki Healer who has been instrumental in composing the entire programme and in research work on Energy Healing
  7. Ms. Deepali Gupta – a brilliant student who has been instrumental in developing the Website. 

Over 1,000 individuals who lent support by making their birth details available for discussion and identification of possible ailments.  They followed up with valuable feedback on the extent of healing.  The amazing benefits they experienced is at the heart of why I have decided to go public with the program.