Medical Astrology is a very important tool to assess the strength in the various Organs and the related Body parts. This gives an insight of the area of likely serious ailments.  It is a very powerful instrument to lead for the purpose of reaching to the correct area of the source of ailment. This helps in quick correct of the related Organ and thus the immediate relief. I have developed a pogtential Software on  scientific Physics formulas keeping in view the strength of each Waves and their frequencies where they converts into different colours and the same colours affects the related body parts as each Chakra has a different colour and represents different Planets and the Body Organs.

Recently I have educated myself on the practice of Reiki, Radiesthesia and Dowsing.

Dowsers have long been used to detect changes in magnetic flow of energy for detecting underground minerals and most interestingly also diseases.  Dowsers have been used in distant healing for a long time.  They provide a way to apply Acupressure treatments from a distance without contact with the patient’s body.

Using the dowser we develop a picture of the individual’s aura, status of Body’s Organs & Parts and make efforts to correct the disturbances.  This provides relief from symptoms and also brings root-cause healing.

Similarly all Homeopathic remedies are energy remedies and related to different planets and the combinations, thus helpful to identify the nearest possible remedies related to the the weak Planets effecting the Organs and the Body parts.