From around 2006, I started to evaluate homeopathic remedies for more and more people & felt that it was hard for the individual to give the root-cause of their problems while homeopathy is best suited for root-cause treatment.  The individual speaks in terms of symptoms but healing is about alleviating the illness and not treating symptoms.

This thought process started to pull me in the direction of evaluating the person’s horoscope.  Horoscope reading is an ingrained concept in India and one that I had an interest in already for decades.

However I found the traditional horoscope readings limited in their ability to detail the health issues for a person.

I have developed a proprietary fine tuned reading of the horoscope that details the strength of each organ system of human body and it helps with medical interpretation of a person’s health in the future.  Interestingly over time I could see that an astrologically strong organ system does not necessarily mean good health from that organ.  There is such a thing as “balance”.  The astrological degree and placement of the planet in the horoscope determines the vitality level of the planet and its impact on health. 

An organ system which is at an ideal vitality level is equated this to a life span of say 100 years.  An organ system that is stronger than ideal means it is depleting faster than it should and will not support a life span of 100 years for the individual.  Any organ system with a reading below that is ideal is too weak to support a life span of 100 years. 

Hence the Medical astrological analysis provides the starting point of which organs need support so they provide more energy or do not burn out as fast as they would if left alone.  We have all heard of people with amazing health who fall victim to sudden and big illnesses.  This is the result of the organ system shining bright in early years and then fading fast.

Over the years I have come to see the horoscope as a reflection of a person’s DNA.  The same basic DNA materials exist in all beings and yet provide amazing diversity in life.  Similarly we find this amazing diversity amongst people whose horoscopes are built with the same building blocks.

The various combinations and the strength of the various planets give us a fine tuned insight into what’s in store for a person’s health.  The Horoscope Reading has advantages not offered by DNA analysis.  DNA analysis is extremely expensive and out of reach for most of us.  Besides it does not give any indication of when in life the organ systems will start to fail.

This information is invaluable for preventing disease and treating it if it has already set in.

Alongside developing the Horoscope analysis to this level of refinement, I also started to classify homeopathic remedies in relation to the planets.  Hence the same kidney ailment for two people, that is the result of weaknesses in different planetary systems, will require different remedies.

This combination of astrology and homeopathy is what I call Astro Homeopathy.

Since it is not possible for a human being to remember or plot all relationships between the planets and the therapies, I have created my own software which takes the Horoscope readings and identifies the Aura (or Chakra) strengths, Body Organs and Acupressure points that need to be stimulated, Organ Systems and their vitality levels (how many years of life can they support for the individual) and finally identify the remedies that will:

     1. Provide ongoing support to the weak organ systems (remedies to be taken on an ongoing basis that help maintain good health)

     2. Be the right remedy for the individual’s ailment (differentiating between various remedies for the same ailment to find the right fit for the individual)