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From: vineet dargar

Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 9:34 AM

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I came to INSTA ASTRO HEALTH SCAN CENTRE, Noida for getting my CHAKRAS corrected. While the Chakra’s Aura energy correction was going on Mr. R S Gupta detected that there is some blockade in my right ankle and it may be uncomfortable for me. I never told about it to Mr. Gupta. The fact of the matter is that about 25 years back (Year 1976 and repeatedly in 1979 and 1982 to be specific) I got injury in my right leg and since then I have not been able to move my ankle fully and it was very uncomfortable and stiff for me to walk and climb the staircases.


Mr. Gupta at his own started performing Psychic Surgery (an Alternative medication) through Dowsing by using pendulum. This he continued performing on this right lower leg for almost 45 minutes. During this period I almost slept. When it was done Mr. Gupta asked me to get up. To my surprise I find that my foot started moving and the heaviness of the ankle almost disappeared. Rather I started a feeling that now my left leg is heavier then the right.


On the 2nd day, Mr. Gupta again performed the similar Psychic surgical procedure and within two days my right leg is completely movable. I walked almost 3 Kilometers and climbed 6 stories without any difficulty. This has helped to loose 3 Kg of weight in three days. It was really an amazing experience for me. The trouble that I was having for the last over 25 years, I got rid of it within 2 days. I can’t express the pleasure that I got out of this procedure.


Then I thought to tell Mr. Gupta about my right ear blockade. This is also almost 26 years old. It is 80% blockade and the Doctors even in the AIIMS refused to operate it. There is lot of heaviness on my right face and hearing problem from my right ear. Mr. Gupta again researched on it and confirmed that there are blockades on my right face near the ear and nose. He started the Psychic surgery here as well. The 1st day i.e. on 10th September 2011 Mr. Gupta did the 1st 45 minutes sitting. I drowsed during this period. When I woke up, I did not feel any noticeable change. I slept well that night and when I got up in the morning for the 1st time I noticed the little sound of bell which I told to my wife and I feel that some activity is on. I have take the 2nd day’s procedure yesterday. On the 3rd day I have been feeling as if some efforts have been made in my body and I got tiredness.


I therefore decided to continue this as I now feel that there is all possibilities of getting this blockade from my right ear will also be cleared which is obstructing my hearing for the last 26 years.


I thank INSTA ASTRO HEALTH SCAN CENTRE and Mr. Gupta for this wonderful help and experience of my life.


Vineet Dargar

Age…52 years

F-29 SECTOR -50

Phone No….9810064090

Date. ….13THSEPTEMBER 2011

Vineet Dargar




Master Reiki Healer – R.S.Gupta


A 42 Sector 36, Noida 201301 (U.P.) India

Phone – 9312603272 Email: rsg36@airtelmail.in


Dear Sir,

I am glad to inform you that when you were doing my AURA correction on 14.10.2011, you pointed out that there are some blockade in my right ankle & foot. I was astonished to hear it as I never mentioned to you about or to anybody else excepting my family members knew about it but forgot as it is a 20 years old matter.

I have been suffering with this pain from 20 years because of my two fractures one in the bone near ankle and the other in the feet. With the result I have not been able to climb upstairs with my right leg and I used to climb up with the help of one leg only and that too is with support and very slowly. I also used to get pain in the leg while sleeping and used to massage before getting sleep. Medical Doctors refused to perform the corrective surgery as they felt that it cannot be done as the malunited fractures are now not operate-able for correction

When I told about this fact to you, you attempted to perform your Psychic Surgical procedure – MIRACULOUS DISTANT THERAPY without the touch of hand or instrument and it continued for almost 45 minutes. During this process I felt a bit of sweet pain and a feeling of increase of blood circulation with warmth in the said leg. Immediately thereafter you advised me to stand up and walk a few steps and thereafter asked me to climb the stairs. With much hesitation I started climbing with this problematic leg but to my surprise, I could climb 5 steps without any pain and came down with the help of the said painful leg. After 10 minutes you again asked me to climb up and this time I climbed up 10 steps without any pain and came down without any suffering.

After this I am walking and climbing up and down in staircase without any problem and as a normal person. It is really a Miracle as I never thought that I will be relieved with this pain throughout my life but you made this impossible as a great possibility.

I hope many more such persons will be benefitted by this science.

Kind regards



Mrs. Sandhya Gupta

(W/o Mr. Satish Gupta)

C-117, South City II,

Gurgaon 122002

Mobile No: 9212334620

From: Radhika Goel

Sent: Tuesday, January 03, 2012 7:16 AM

To: r.s gupta

Subject: Shoulder Treatment – Many thanks!

Hello Uncle,

I wanted to write about my experience yesterday. I was really amazed with the spread of the treatment, and all the more….how it relates various tissues and organs of the body.

Around 10 years back, I had a ligament tear in my right shoulder, right over the ball and socket joint. I got it massaged and tied it maybe for a couple of days to get it fixed. probably the typical of treatments that happen at home…It did get fixed, but I never felt 100%…..Something was just always missing…..

Whenever I used to carry heavy load….[like even a laptop during my work days, or groceries now…..] I used to feel the pinch….And while swimming I was just scared always, what if …….

So yesterday, since I was feeling pain in my shoulder over a couple of past days, I talked to Gupta Uncle and told him about the problem, at which he agreed to try Reiki on the shoulder.

When he started, the pain literally disappeared in a few minutes, not more than 3-5 mins actually…I was quite amazed by this. Magic as it starts working……Wow!

And then, I told him that I think its Ok, at which he asked me to monitor my arm for some more mins, and I actually started feeling it heavy, from shoulder to fingertips. He worked on it for maybe more than 5 mins, when this heaviness was still there, and actually right side of my body – from temples to chest started getting heated up. When I told him, he said there is more problem and not just a shoulder problem……might have lead to frozen shoulder in a few years time…I was surprised, and didnt really know how to react….

The heat came to increasing decreasing with various intensities over my ear and shoulder primarily…..and finally a gush of cold feeling and lightness came……

I will probably take one or two more sittings to get it back to normal…..

I am seriously amazed at what all good can his magic do onto us…..we probably live our lives in this body, not even knowing what all is wrong, or can be wrong….but yes we can defnitely feel few things when he does the treatment…which make me believe that the amazing Shakti that this science and art has, is mindblowing…….

What these 15-20 mins did to me cannot really be explained in words…..I am grateful to uncle for treating my shoulder….

Hope it can reach as many people as possible….

Kind regards,


Truly a fan and believer of this magic….


From: Nam Maheshwari

Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2011 7:42 PM

To: RSGupta

Subject: Letter


Master Reiki Healer – R.S.Gupta

A 42 Sector 36, Noida 201301 (U.P.) India

Phone – 9312603272 Email: rsg36@airtelmail.in



I live in North America while Mr. Gupta is in NOIDA, so there are many aspects of our health details that he is not aware of.

I have been very impressed by the number of time he has been able to tell us of the root cause of what is ailing us.

For a long time I have had restless leg syndrome – can’t sit for too long, legs get tired, have to lie down to watch TV, when I get up from a lying or sitting position the legs are very stiff and I walk slowly (almost shuffle) for a while before I can walk normally.

Mr. Gupta did not know about this. However, one day he called just as I had returned from shopping and asked if I had noticed any change in my legs. Interestingly I had just come out of the car and for the first time in years had come up the front steps of the house with smooth movements while normally I used to take a long time and take slow steps out of the car and up the steps and into the house. He told me that he had performed distance healing in the last 15 minutes or so for my legs since he felt there were blockages that were affecting the flow of blood & energy through the legs.

Since then I have not had the tired and twisted feeling in my legs and rarely feel the need to lie down to watch TV. Overall energy level has also improved.

I also have a daughter who had a lazy eye (lack of co-ordination between the eyes, usually resulting in functional blindness in one eye). Through psychic surgery and Reiki he has been able to identify that the real blockage is around her nose and under her eyes and the eyes by themselves are OK. This is also supported by the fact that other than the lazy eye she has 20/20 vision in her eyes and uses both eyes though only one at a time to see.

He has done two sittings to heal her and there is a noticeable improvement in the co-ordination of her eyes.

We are looking forward to a more sessions.

Our family feels that we are very and have benefited greatly in many ways from his great knowledge and passion for healing people.

Namarata Maheshwari

Mississauga, ON.






From: gargee mukherjee

Sent: Thursday, December 08, 2011 10:52 AM

To: rsg36@airtelmail.in

Subject: Mail

Respected Sir,



A 42/36, NOIDA – 201301


Dear Sir,

I have to inform you of my wonderful experience of the treatment taken from you through your Dowsing Technique untouched by hand or any instrument and from far away place i.e. by using Mind and Soul through a Distance.


I was suffering from severe knee pain from quite some time. My Orthopedic Doctors suggested knee replacement of both the knees. It would have costed me between 2-3 lacs of rupees. In addition I would have had the agony of going for the Surgical pains, many weeks’ rest and the after effects of the Major Surgery.


Luckily I was introduced by my brother-in-law (my sister’s husband Mr. Subir Sen) to Mr. R.S. Gupta of Psychic Surgical Procedure centre, Noida.


In November 2011, I had two sittings initially and to my surprise my knee pains were reduced to 75%. Thereafter I had two more sessions of about 30-45 minute of this wonderful distant therapy – untouched by hand and taken on Skype from Kolkata from Mr. Gupta who did it by sitting on computer in Noida.


My pain further reduced considerably and now it is negligible – say hardly 25%. I am amazed that I have neither to visit his clinic nor undertake any physical or medical aid but by his dowser technique sitting from Noida I am getting cured in Kolkata and that too without any pain. Also without waste of time & energy at negligible cost..


Also my hair were dry and hard, my palms, sole and body skin also dry were hard. Mr.Gupta did the same psycho therapy for two days – untouched by hand and from distance. I can now say that my hair, skin and soles are all very soft and almost coming to normal.


I am indeed grateful to this centre for giving me so much relief without any medication and untouched by hands or any instrument that too from distance sitting on “Skype” from Kolkata.

I wish the centre continued help to the needy.


Gargee Mukherjee Ms.

(Age – 59 Yrs.)

4/2A Ashton Road, Kolkata 700 020

Email: gargeemukherjee52@gmail.com

Phone: 9748138715




Heart Treatment


Further to my previous reference, I am happy to report more health improvements from the health treatments from Mr. Gupta.


He identified that my heart was under stress which I had to agree to since for a while I had been feeling a sense of pressure on my heart.  I was ignoring it perhaps in fear of being told something I did not want to hear or from the fear of sitting in the emergency room of the hospital for hours.


Anyway I had to agree and Mr. Gupta started the treatment.  This was a Skype conversation and I started to do some work.  At one point Mr. Gupta asked if I was feeling better and I thought about it and said, yes a little.  He said don’t worry it will get better.  Sure enough by the end of the day there was no feeling of pressure or pain around the heart.

About a week later I emailed Mr. Gupta and said that we have to repeat the treatment because I can clearly tell I was pain free for a week/10 days and now it’s coming back.  He repeated the treatment and I got better again.


This time it’s been more than 2 weeks and the pain has not come back.


Due to the high pulse rate that I have Mr. Gupta recently also advised a Bioch.medicine and I can feel that it has strengthened my heart since now stress does not bring about the sense of sudden pressure on the heart.


Namarata Maheshwari

Mississauga, ON.


November 21, 2011