The average child born into the world is perfectly healthy, with all its organs functioning perfectly. This is what God has given and HE expects that all this remain the same throughout his life.

Unfortunately it is the human being after birth that he/she wanted to be away from nature and thus fall sick.

The present programme is to:-

  1. Develop Faith in God
  2. Eat what God made for us
  3. Get treated naturally – through God’s Energy (refer :

 Over the years, we have now reached a stage where we:

  1.  Eat very unhealthy food,
  2. Live in an environment which is highly polluted;
  3. Drink highly contaminated water,
  4. Get diagnosed by Machines
  5. Take chemical based medicines and treated by Surgical interventions.

Whereas we have the options available to be diagnosed and treated without any human touch or via God’s energy;

 Further these days  Human beings :

  1. Neither have full faith  in God, nor
  2. Eats what nature made for them, nor
  3. Wants to be treated naturally ( even when there are options available to treat through the God’s energyWhich are in plenty  and Works like magic instantaneously with the speed of thoughts) 

Following  Natural systems are in built as  created by God for treatment  in every Human being e.g.

  • Acupressure points in: Hands ; Feet; Legs, Arms & Ears
  • Natural Yoga through God’s Oxygen
  • God’s Energy through Human Mind & Soul (

 There is no ailment which cannot be covered by the above methods.

 May be that we need sometimes Surgical Intervention or Hospitalization in emergencies but otherwise all are curable by the above methods.



 God created following Food materials which do not require cooking and can be taken as they are grown:-

1.  Non-veg Food for Carnivores Animals

2. Cereals for Herbivores Animals

3. Green Vegetables, Fruits and Dry Fruits are for Human beings.

They all

  1. Look Good,
  2. Are Healthy,
  3. Give good smell &
  4. Are Tasty

Even Milk is good for the child so long as the mother’s milk is available. Afterwards it is not good for Human beings. Calcium can be compensated by sesame seeds “TIL”

(More details are available on demand)

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