Heart Treatment


Further to my previous reference, I am happy to report more health improvements from the health treatments from Mr. Gupta.


He identified that my heart was under stress which I had to agree to since for a while I had been feeling a sense of pressure on my heart.  I was ignoring it perhaps in fear of being told something I did not want to hear or from the fear of sitting in the emergency room of the hospital for hours.


Anyway I had to agree and Mr. Gupta started the treatment.  This was a Skype conversation and I started to do some work.  At one point Mr. Gupta asked if I was feeling better and I thought about it and said, yes a little.  He said don’t worry it will get better.  Sure enough by the end of the day there was no feeling of pressure or pain around the heart.

About a week later I emailed Mr. Gupta and said that we have to repeat the treatment because I can clearly tell I was pain free for a week/10 days and now it’s coming back.  He repeated the treatment and I got better again.


This time it’s been more than 2 weeks and the pain has not come back.


Due to the high pulse rate that I have Mr. Gupta recently also advised a Bioch.medicine and I can feel that it has strengthened my heart since now stress does not bring about the sense of sudden pressure on the heart.


Namarata Maheshwari

Mississauga, ON.


November 21, 2011

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