From: Nam Maheshwari

Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2011 7:42 PM

To: RSGupta

Subject: Letter


Master Reiki Healer – R.S.Gupta

A 42 Sector 36, Noida 201301 (U.P.) India

Phone – 9312603272 Email:



I live in North America while Mr. Gupta is in NOIDA, so there are many aspects of our health details that he is not aware of.

I have been very impressed by the number of time he has been able to tell us of the root cause of what is ailing us.

For a long time I have had restless leg syndrome – can’t sit for too long, legs get tired, have to lie down to watch TV, when I get up from a lying or sitting position the legs are very stiff and I walk slowly (almost shuffle) for a while before I can walk normally.

Mr. Gupta did not know about this. However, one day he called just as I had returned from shopping and asked if I had noticed any change in my legs. Interestingly I had just come out of the car and for the first time in years had come up the front steps of the house with smooth movements while normally I used to take a long time and take slow steps out of the car and up the steps and into the house. He told me that he had performed distance healing in the last 15 minutes or so for my legs since he felt there were blockages that were affecting the flow of blood & energy through the legs.

Since then I have not had the tired and twisted feeling in my legs and rarely feel the need to lie down to watch TV. Overall energy level has also improved.

I also have a daughter who had a lazy eye (lack of co-ordination between the eyes, usually resulting in functional blindness in one eye). Through psychic surgery and Reiki he has been able to identify that the real blockage is around her nose and under her eyes and the eyes by themselves are OK. This is also supported by the fact that other than the lazy eye she has 20/20 vision in her eyes and uses both eyes though only one at a time to see.

He has done two sittings to heal her and there is a noticeable improvement in the co-ordination of her eyes.

We are looking forward to a more sessions.

Our family feels that we are very and have benefited greatly in many ways from his great knowledge and passion for healing people.

Namarata Maheshwari

Mississauga, ON.



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