From: Radhika Goel

Sent: Tuesday, January 03, 2012 7:16 AM

To: r.s gupta

Subject: Shoulder Treatment – Many thanks!

Hello Uncle,

I wanted to write about my experience yesterday. I was really amazed with the spread of the treatment, and all the more….how it relates various tissues and organs of the body.

Around 10 years back, I had a ligament tear in my right shoulder, right over the ball and socket joint. I got it massaged and tied it maybe for a couple of days to get it fixed. probably the typical of treatments that happen at home…It did get fixed, but I never felt 100%…..Something was just always missing…..

Whenever I used to carry heavy load….[like even a laptop during my work days, or groceries now…..] I used to feel the pinch….And while swimming I was just scared always, what if …….

So yesterday, since I was feeling pain in my shoulder over a couple of past days, I talked to Gupta Uncle and told him about the problem, at which he agreed to try Reiki on the shoulder.

When he started, the pain literally disappeared in a few minutes, not more than 3-5 mins actually…I was quite amazed by this. Magic as it starts working……Wow!

And then, I told him that I think its Ok, at which he asked me to monitor my arm for some more mins, and I actually started feeling it heavy, from shoulder to fingertips. He worked on it for maybe more than 5 mins, when this heaviness was still there, and actually right side of my body – from temples to chest started getting heated up. When I told him, he said there is more problem and not just a shoulder problem……might have lead to frozen shoulder in a few years time…I was surprised, and didnt really know how to react….

The heat came to increasing decreasing with various intensities over my ear and shoulder primarily…..and finally a gush of cold feeling and lightness came……

I will probably take one or two more sittings to get it back to normal…..

I am seriously amazed at what all good can his magic do onto us…..we probably live our lives in this body, not even knowing what all is wrong, or can be wrong….but yes we can defnitely feel few things when he does the treatment…which make me believe that the amazing Shakti that this science and art has, is mindblowing…….

What these 15-20 mins did to me cannot really be explained in words…..I am grateful to uncle for treating my shoulder….

Hope it can reach as many people as possible….

Kind regards,


Truly a fan and believer of this magic….


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