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Dear Sir,

I am glad to inform you that when you were doing my AURA correction on 14.10.2011, you pointed out that there are some blockade in my right ankle & foot. I was astonished to hear it as I never mentioned to you about or to anybody else excepting my family members knew about it but forgot as it is a 20 years old matter.

I have been suffering with this pain from 20 years because of my two fractures one in the bone near ankle and the other in the feet. With the result I have not been able to climb upstairs with my right leg and I used to climb up with the help of one leg only and that too is with support and very slowly. I also used to get pain in the leg while sleeping and used to massage before getting sleep. Medical Doctors refused to perform the corrective surgery as they felt that it cannot be done as the malunited fractures are now not operate-able for correction

When I told about this fact to you, you attempted to perform your Psychic Surgical procedure – MIRACULOUS DISTANT THERAPY without the touch of hand or instrument and it continued for almost 45 minutes. During this process I felt a bit of sweet pain and a feeling of increase of blood circulation with warmth in the said leg. Immediately thereafter you advised me to stand up and walk a few steps and thereafter asked me to climb the stairs. With much hesitation I started climbing with this problematic leg but to my surprise, I could climb 5 steps without any pain and came down with the help of the said painful leg. After 10 minutes you again asked me to climb up and this time I climbed up 10 steps without any pain and came down without any suffering.

After this I am walking and climbing up and down in staircase without any problem and as a normal person. It is really a Miracle as I never thought that I will be relieved with this pain throughout my life but you made this impossible as a great possibility.

I hope many more such persons will be benefitted by this science.

Kind regards



Mrs. Sandhya Gupta

(W/o Mr. Satish Gupta)

C-117, South City II,

Gurgaon 122002

Mobile No: 9212334620

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